Julia Shantal

Brand Visibility / Social Media Strategist & CEO of Style & Beauty Experts

We help businesses to use TIKTOK/Video marketing to grow their businesses online!

Brand Visibility.

What does “telling your why” mean and how can my “brand visibility” course help you? I not only brand and I will help build your social media following. Being seen today means being everywhere and building that awesome brand visibility that makes others say, “is there any place you aren’t?”

So, if you are not getting the results you want, based on what you’ve done, or haven’t done, this course is going to help reach your ideal clients!

My class series will teach you how to Draw Your Exact Target Clients, Keep Them Engaged Over Time, and Build A Strong Brand That Will Have Clients Lined Up to Work With YOU! Want to be found by your name, but also by the work you do and the industry you are in as well as your moniker or tagline? Join min. 3 months ($60 per month) with me and learn to build your social media following!

WhatsApp me +65 96881798 or email julia@styleandbeautyexperts to join our membership! We will send you via PayPal invoice.